Install Webroot with key code and shield
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Now Install & Activate

Now Install & Activate Webroot

To install Webroot on your device, it is mandatory to have a key code as without a Key code you will be unable to avail the security services offered by Webroot.

Undoubtedly, it is recommend only installing a valid Webroot with key code, which will let you use the licensed antivirus product.

How can you Install Webroot Secure Anywhere with the key code?

If you want to install Webroot Secure Anywhere with the help of product key code, you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. 01) Visit https://www.webroot.com/ie/en/home/products/wsa-installer-download website to download the desired Webroot product.
  2. 02) Download the Webroot installation file, wsainstall.exe.
  3. 03) After the download gets complete, the installation file will be automatically downloaded on your device.
  4. 04) Locate the downloaded file, wsainstall.exe to install Webroot software.
  5. 05) To install Webroot with key code, you have to enter the Webroot product keycode in the space provided.
  6. 06) Now follow the on-screen instructions to install Webroot completely.


On windows 10 install Webroot with key code by following the steps mentioned below:-

  1. 01) To install Webroot antivirus with key code, the first step is to perform Webroot install by visiting Webroot’s official website. Remember to execute this step, you just need a proper internet connection.
  2. 02) Now, look for Webroot key code of 20 characters, which you can find in your antivirus product packet or in your email id, registered with your Webroot account.
  3. 03) Install Webroot by entering the key code.
  4. 04) Click on the ‘Submit’ option. This step will lead to the completion of your installation process.

Safeguard Your Digital Privacy And Connected Devices With Webroot

Webroot antivirus is a must when it comes to protecting your device and data. It provides you a complete for protection from the virus and threats which can harm you. In case you still have any issues related to Webroot antivirus installation process, you can get in touch with Webroot support team by posting your queries on Webroot’s official website. www.webroot.com/safe offers you direct access to the customer services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Webroot legit?

Webroot is a completely legitimate antivirus that has been offering wide range of security services to its users for a number of years. A lightweight antivirus protection that doesn’t slow down your PC is one of the best qualities of Webroot. This is the reason why people prefer it over others.

How do I download Webroot onto a new computer?

For the first-time webroot installation on to a new computer, you need to have a 20 digit alphanumeric keycode. Then, go to the official website of Webroot and click on the 'Download' option. Enter the keycode when prompted and follow some installation instructions to complete the download.

How do I activate Webroot?

Open your webroot user-interface and then go to the menu bar. Here, click on its icon to open the drop-down menu. Now, navigate to the 'My Account' section and click on the gear icon present next to it. Here, enter the keycode in the given space and click 'Activate'

What is Webroot installer?

It is a part of the Webroot branded Lastpass software which works as a password manager. This runs as a web browser extension and helps users during account login and filling information in the forms. You can uninstall Webroot installer if you find it unnecessary.

Can I use Webroot on two computers?

Yes, you can easily use Webroot on more than one computers based on the type of license you have purchased. Not only this, you can use it on up to five devices at a time if you have a license for the same. Those who have purchased a license for a single PC, however cannot use it on two computers.

How do I find my keycode for Webroot?

To find your webroot keycode, you need to click on the Webroot icon on your desktop. After this, navigate to the 'My Account' section of it and then click on it to view all the details regarding your subscription. Your keycode will also be displayed here.

Can't find Webroot to uninstall?

If you are unable to find Webroot on your PC qnd wish to uninstall it, then you may use the search bar of your device to find out where it is located. For uninstallation of Webroot, navigate to the control panel and find webroot under installed programs section. Right-click on it and then click 'Uninstall'

How do I reinstall Webroot on my computer?

If your webroot license has not expired, then you may reinstall it on your computer without an additional charge. For this, go to the official website of webroot, log in to your account, and click 'Download'. Enter the keycode when prompted and then follow some prompts for reinstallation webroot.

How do I reinstall Webroot on Windows 10?

For reinstallation webroot, you should have the 20 digit keycode with you. Then, go online and navigate to the official website of webroot and download webroot from there. Then, install webroot using the installer or otherwise. Next, you have to enter the keycode in the given space to complete the reinstallation.

Why is my Webroot Antivirus not working?

The presence of similar or conflicting programs may become a hurdle when you try to use Webroot. To know the reason, you may try looking at the error code or error message that is displayed while opening it. To get rid of the issue, make sure there are no programs conflicting with Webroot on your device.